Commercial Projects

Heart of Doha- Doha, Qatar

This 35 hectare redevelopment of old downtown Doha consists of 24 mid and high-rise buildings including rooftop terraces, interior landscape irrigation and streetscape.  The development occurs over a 4 story carpark with pipe routing coordination with other disciplines a critical component to the successful design.  When completed, the development will transform this old part of Doha into a revived urban landscape.

Hong Cheng Plaza- Guangzhou, China

This 6 hectare development set in Guangzhou central axis at the heart of the city’s new CBD will be China’s first ‘urban park’ retail mall.  The project has verdant, undulating landscape throughout the 110,000 square meter retail scheme which will introduce regional and international visitors to a truly unique shopping, entertainment, dining and lifestyle concept.  PSI’s scope included complete irrigation design and documentation for all landscape across 5 levels including vertical garden walls, drip irrigation and satellite control.  

Carriage Crossing - Collierville, USA

Carriage Crossing is an inverted shopping mall. The stores are on the outside and the car parks are on the inside of the shops. The irrigation design solution required a greater number of sleeves to move mainline, lateral lines and wires across the 100 acre urban shopping site. The system is controlled with a Rainbird Site Control system which reduced maintenance costs by centralizing irrigation scheduling and operation. The primary water supply is a 6 inch irrigation deep well which taps a large and high quality aquifer which flows from the Appalachian Mountain range to the Mississippi River. PSI was instrumental in selecting the irrigation water well location in relation to the electrical power requirements for the well pump motor. Full separation of turf from shrub zones were required because of the heavy clay soils found on the site.

Coconut Point Center - Bonita Springs, USA

Coconut Point is a 150 acre retail and commercial office park along the Southwest coast of Florida. The water supply is an irrigation lake recharged with ground water and storm water runoff from the impervious surfaces in the development. An irrigation master plan was developed by another irrigation consultant, and PSI was hired by the landscape contractor to complete the irrigation system construction documents. The irrigation system uses a VFD suction lift irrigation pump station at a storm water detention pond. Irrigation shallow wells operate at the same rate as the irrigation pump station to maintain the irrigation lake water level. Lake level controls shut the irrigation wells down when storm water elevations in the lake are available for irrigation use. Coconut Point was developed in three phases, and the irrigation design was adjusted to meet the construction schedule from a mainline and control wire perspective.

The Loop - Kissimmee, USA

The Loop is a 120 acre retail center with a post-modern architectural style and site plan. Reuse water from the local water purveyor is used exclusively for irrigation. Two reuse water meters at opposing ends of the site were used to take advantage of the utility hydraulics, resulting in reduced size irrigation mainline for the developer. The irrigation system called for the separation of turf and shrub zones, which in the past was not typical for commercial irrigation systems in the area. The additional costs incurred to achieve zone separation at time of construction are offset monthly by a reduced irrigation water bill for the developer.

Lake Sumpter Landing - The Villages, USA

The Villages, located near Ocala National Forest, is the largest planned golf community in the United States. The Villages has an extensive irrigation water utility for 3,000 acre golf, community and home lot irrigation systems. Lake Sumter Landing is the newest and largest retail and civic center in The Villages covering 65 acres. The irrigation system design followed the water conservation initiatives required by The Villages improvement district, and connected to the central irrigation water utility and control system. The irrigation layout required an extraordinary amount of coordination and specialty piping to planter pots and multilevel planter boxes located on the building architecture. Additional wind and rain gauges are tied to the central control system to exactly monitor the sites daily ET rates to apply precise amount of water for maximum efficiency.