Themed Entertainment Projects

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Orlando, USA

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction was built within an under developed area in the Universal Orlando Theme Park.  The project included new area development along with new themed buildings and renovation of attraction rides. The new irrigation system was integrated with the existing irrigation mainline, valve zones and control system.  PSI was the first world wide consultant to specify the appropriate irrigation of propagated Mandrake - Mandragora wartus

Volcano Bay Water Park - Universal Studios Orlando, USA

Volcano Bay is the first water park built in the Universal Orlando Resort.  PSI started with the concept design team meetings to understand the “story” of the old island plantation that was blown away by an active volcano.  The dense tropical plantings and the various elevations and rivers surrounding the volcano required extensive irrigation design studies.  PSI designed a separate pavement cooling system with fan nozzles recessed in the face of curbs along most all pedestrian walk ways.

Ocean Park Redevelopment - Hong Kong

PSI was commissioned for the complete irrigation works for the redevelopment of this icon in Hong Kong. Our services included developing a feasibility study for the best approach for the project, followed by detailed design development and documentation. As the projectwas constructed while the existing theme park stayed open, particular attention was made to the phasing and packaging of the documents. The project has become one of the premium marine theme parks in the world.

Miami Metro Zoo Tropical Americas - Miami, USA

PSI was selected to design the irrigation system for this City Park based on our extensive Zoo irrigation design experience. The rule with most zoo irrigation systems is that no irrigation water is allowed to fall inside an animal enclosure. However at Tropical Americas the animal experts requested separate valve zones, where applicable, to simulate rainfall in selected animal enclosures during drought conditions. The irrigation system design included an extensive tree bubbler zone layout to accommodate the transplant and establishment of numerous large caliper tropical trees and palms. PSI coordinated with the zoo staff to include wash down valves at selected locations for hardscape maintenance. The irrigation system included zones in a new education center and dining pavilion along a large lake at the center of the development.

Disney Hollywood Hotel - Hong Kong

PSI was contracted to project manage the construction of the irrigation system for this highly themed hotel at Walt Disney World Hong Kong. The construction lasted for over a year. PSI oversaw a local construction company, verifying that the system met the requirements of the Owner while maintaining the schedule and budget for the project. The project was part of a central computer controlled system and involved flow management and communication back with the master computer located off-site.

Slush Crusher Addition - DisneyWorld, USA

Slush Crusher is the newest 25 acre addition to the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World. The irrigation design required coordination with the existing irrigation system, demolition, and upgrade of the mainline to carry the additional water demand for the park expansion. WDW Imagineering and Horticulture work with PSI to assure a seamless landscape and irrigation transition for the new addition. Specialty head layout was required to minimize any overspray into the water park pools and rides. The system required the specification of a separate temporary tree top spray zone for all large caliper transplanted trees on the project site. The existing Rainbird Maxicom control satellites were updated to accommodate the new irrigation control valves.

Gatorland - Orlando, USA

PSI is proud of its association with the Gatorland animal park, as it is one of the original tourist destinations in Central Florida. Gatorland is home to more than 500 American alligators, and offers education and entertainment with an emphasis on preservation of nature and wildlife habitat. PSI was contracted to design the irrigation system for the park entrance, parking facility and landscape buffer. The park entrance was recently destroyed by fire, but was restored using the original architectural, landscape and irrigation plans.